74 things we’ll miss about Austin FC’s first season

Hard to believe Austin FC’s inaugural season has come to an end.

Verde fans experienced all the feels in the club’s first year as the 27th expansion side of MLS.

After it was all said and done, ATXFC played 17 home and 17 road matches, or 34 total matches from April to November. The club’s first home game wasn’t played until June 19 — a 0-0 draw against San Jose Quakes in front of a sold-out crowd of 20,738.

To celebrate their first season, here are 74 things (in no particular order) we’ll miss about being Verde in 2021.

  1. Seeing pink and purple Austin sunsets from inside Q2 Stadium
  2. Cecilio Dominguez’s improbable double post penalty kick off the keeper for an own goal
  3. Seeing the first tifo, depicting Austin’s Legends, unfurled by the Supporter’s section
  4. Shouting STUUUUU after all of his incredible saves
  5. Week 2 at 3-1 Colorado’s Dicks Sporting Goods Park—first win in Austin FC history
  6. Tracking Driussi flying from Russia, then seeing him announced at the Fairmont Hotel
  7. Jon Gallagher scoring the first goal ever at Q2 and running out of his mind to the NW corner flag
  8. All our new Verde friends we’ve made along the way this season
  9. Holding that verde and black-striped Adidas authentic jersey for the first time
  10. Julio Cascante not having it with San Jose’s Lopez and rolls him off the pitch
  11. Trying to decide whether to wear verde and black or verde and white on match days
  12. Hearing the “Verde! Listos!” chant for the first time at Q2 Stadium
  13. The badass video with the BMX kid that takes you on a ride to reveal Austin FC’s season schedule
  14. Easy Tiger’s giant pretzel with beer cheese at Q2
  15. Matthew McCoughaney with no shirt and a beanie on a Zoom call talking about his vision for the first game
  16. First-ever Texas derby win, a 3-2 final against Houston
  17. Unveiling of the “Legends” white with bright verde accents (and the hype video starring the supporters)
  18. Diego Fagundez scoring the first goal ever, minute 60 at Colorado
  19. Preseason training at St. Edward’s University before St. David’s training center was built
  20. Being bathed in Verde lights when Austin FC scores
  21. First green seat being installed at Q2
  22. Green badges draped over our seats commemorating the very first match
  23. Cecilio getting his cowboy on exiting the team bus for the club’s first-ever home match
  24. Sebastian Driussi scoring his first goal for Austin
  25. Walking around town, and someone randomly yells “Verde!”, your automatic response is “Listos”
  26. Beating Portland Timbers not one, but two times
  27. Matt Besler and other Austin FC players 2021 Winer Storm GoFundMe for Austinites
  28. A T-Loc’s Verde Dog at the 20′ mark of a home match
  29. Fans taking pics of their jersey on the ground with everything they love around it for their own take on the club’s jersey launch ad campaign
  30. Dear Austin…Brad Stuver’s letter to fans
  31. Supporters pre-game, heart-pumping march to the match
  32. Hearing that Heartbeat drum played by a special guest before the match
  33. Coach Wolff wearing Verde for the first time in a match and getting a win against RSL
  34. FREE C4 Energy drinks walking up to the stadium whether you need them or not
  35. Matthew McConaughey in his custom made Verde suit
  36. Austinite McKinze Gaines winning MLS Goal of the Week with his very first goal in the league
  37. Flying the Austin FC flag every match day at our casa
  38. Singing the Austin FC song “True love will find you in the end
  39. Yelling Verde! Listos!
  40. Hearing familiar MLS voice of Adrian Healey as one of our own calling regional ATXFC matches
  41. Proving Austin is a soccer city to the rest of the country in its inaugural campaign
  42. That passionate Verde fan that jumped out of her seat and ran down the aisle to yell at a refs bad call
  43. All the breweries in Austin FC’s backyard for pregame and watch parties
  44. The guy that lives at The Copeland apartments and posts a pictures of Q2 stadium from his balcony
  45. Groundskeeper Weston Appelfeller walking the pitch to inspect the grass before the match
  46. Our first time seeing people at HEB wearing Austin FC gear
  47. DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks pepperoni rolls
  48. Those random convos that started about Austin FC when they see you’re wearing verde
  49. “Tiny” Sebastian on his dad’s shoulders ripping off his jersey and waving it
  50. Free matchday posters created by local artists for ATXFC’s Artist Initiative
  51. Isaac’s birthday serenade by members of La Murga de Austin
  52. Bowing to the Verde shrine at One Taco on 620
  53. Knowing your butt was the very first one to sit in your seat at Q2
  54. Austin Pets Alive! Honorary Austin FC mascot at every matchday
  55. Q2 Stadium covered in white snow
  56. Fastest goal scored by an Austin FC player—Seba Driussi 30 seconds into the match against SKC on Nov. 3
  57. Anthony Precourt’s Instagram account @precourt_atxfc
  58. MOC Matthew McConaughey’s “100 Year War
  59. Austin’s own MLS referee Ismail Elfath officiating the very first home game
  60. Austin FC tifo honoring Tejano singer Selena
  61. Stone Cold Brad Stuver banner briefly hung by fans at Q2
  62. Opening that Austin FC app up for the first time to look at the roster
  63. Kids in our section trying to get on the Swish Dental “smile cam” every single match
  64. Cecilio diving when the wind blows hard
  65. Each and every one of the 27 goals ATXFC scored this year at Q2 Stadium
  66. Tailgating for the first time at an Austin FC match
  67. Copa Tejas for bragging rights for best MLS club in Texas
  68. Hasta la Muerte” banner players held high in tribute to Austin FC supporters
  69. ATX MRKT for Zilker Brewing Parks & Rec beer
  70. Pre-game tacos at the food trucks at Sunoco station
  71. The Austin FC x Howler Brothers collaboration making sweet local merch
  72. That time we saw Christian Pulisic at an Austin FC match
  73. Verde van pulling up with the inaugural jerseys before there was the Verde store
  74. Those dogs in the yards at The Copeland apartments greeting passersby walking to Q2 Stadium

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Why did we pick 74? Because as the Austin FC song goes:
Seven-four, seven-four…
It was the vote…
That built our home.
And now we live
Among the trees
Listo! Verde!

What will you remember most about Austin FC’s inaugural season?

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