Important 2021 offseason dates to know for Austin FC

Austin FC’s players may be on vacation, but we’re pretty sure the club’s front office isn’t getting much time off.

After finishing 12th (out of 13 clubs) in the West, the Verde & Black is desperate to rebuild for a 2022 playoff run.

In a recent interview with The Athletic, sporting director Claudio Reyna said “We’re looking at three to five players to add to the main core: in all areas of defense, our central midfield with some defensive qualities, and potentially a winger. It’s about keeping a core and adding to that.”

On November 30, the club trimmed eight players from its roster to make way for these new players additions.

The club’s first chance to sign new players is right around the corner on December 12—when a half-day trade window opens.

The Expansion draft immediately follows where ATXFC could lose a player it doesn’t protect. This year Charlotte FC sits where Austin was last year. The expansion side will be allowed to select up to five players from 22 MLS eligible teams.

If El Tree lose a player to Charlotte they’ll be compensated with $50,000 in General Allocation Money.

Here’s all the important offseason MLS trade dates before Austin FC’s 2022 home-opener.


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