Austin FC songs and chants you should know for matchday

Want to sing along to Austin FC songs and chants on game day, but don’t quite know all the words?

Fear not Verde fan, you don’t have to settle for just humming the tune.

We bring you the full list of songs and chants La Murga de Austin, the supporters section band, plays at Austin FC matches. You can also hear performances of these songs by checking out La Murga’s stash of music videos.

Austin FC Chants and Songs page 1
Austin FC Chants and Songs page 2

The whole world may already be aware of the “Alright, Alright, Alright” chant — a mashup of the internationally known Olé chant and Matthew McConaughey’s famous line from Dazed and Confused.

Before it was even heard on match day, the chant went viral when our very own Minister of Culture (M.O.C.) led supporters in a rendition at a song practice.

If all this seems too much, stick with this simple two-word chant — Verde! Listos! (Translation: Green! Let’s go!) — and you can’t go wrong on game day.

The best way to learn these songs and chants is to be right in the heart of it — the South end supporters section. So grab your game tickets, put on your Verde gear, and get ready to chant, sing, clap, and cheer for 90 minutes.

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