Supporters Groups of Austin FC

We’ve created a list of Austin FC supporters groups (SGs).

Early in Austin FC’s existence, there are already multiple SGs for the club.

If you purchased seats (memberships) in the Supporters Section of the stadium, then you’ll definitely want to join one, or several, of the groups described below.

There’s no limit to the number of SGs you can join.

Each supporters group has its own identity and mission, so it’s up to you to find one that fits best. Check out the links below to explore the individual groups, visit their social media, and hang out with them in-person (or virtually) at their next event.   

Make note that a single SG may encompass affiliate or subgroups, each centered around its own specific interests or geographic location. An example is LAFC’s 3252, which is a union of eight independent groups.   

What about Match Day?

On game days, SGs come alive for 90+ minutes. It’s one of the most unique fan experiences in all of sports.

Austin FC gives you a taste of what to expect in the Supporters Section at the stadium as a Supporter Member.

Supporters will stand, chant, and sing throughout each match.

Supporters will enhance the matchday experience with TIFO, flags, smoke, and other matchday elements.

The club’s description of this AWESOME experience is a little dry, but you get the point.

Beyond match day, these groups do much, much more to be involved in the community. Another good reason to check out their website or social media is to see what these SGs do to support your community.  

In addition, official supporters groups typically have representatives that collaborate with the club regularly to provide fan input, arrange ticket and seat allocations, and resolve issues. Austin FC may create a formal council or board of fans that involves the leaders of the various independent supporters groups.   

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Supporters Section in the Stadium

Austin FC encourages anyone in this section to join a supporters group.

The South end of Austin FC stadium is the designated supporters section (101-105 below). Here fans stand shoulder-to-shoulder in safe standing areas, with fold-up seats and safety railing — based upon LAFC’s supporter section (a prior project of Austin FC’s architecture firm Gensler).

austin fc supporter seat map

Don’t worry, if you want to join an SG it doesn’t obligate you to be in the Supporters Section.

Supporter Groups

Already Austin FC boasts many passionate and creative independent supporter groups. To our knowledge, the club hasn’t yet named official supporter groups (usually listed as such on the club’s website).

Descriptions of the following groups were obtained from the SG’s websites, social media, or press releases. 

austin anthem grackle logo

Austin Anthem

Austin Anthem is the independent supporters group for Austin FC, Austin’s Major League Soccer franchise, and a member of the Independent Supporters Council. Our mission as a group is to unite as one in support of our city and club. With this aim in mind, we hope to create opportunities for connection and growth based on common interests and familiar locations. Join Austin Anthem

Fighting Leslies DC

Now we’re a Drinking Club with a supporters group that looks to raise both awareness and funds for locally-based causes in which we believe will have a positive impact on our community. Having a ton of fun while accomplishing this is our priority. Join Fighting Leslies


La Murga de Austin

La Murga de Austin are musicians & soccer supporters who build community through music & fútbol. Músicos y aficionados del fútbol y amantes de la música. La Murga is a bridge between all SGs to incorporate capos and music from all groups. Join La Murga

LosVerdes logo

Los Verdes

Los Verdes is a member-driven group of Austin FC supporters that strives to create the most exciting, inclusive, and respectful atmosphere for all—on match day and beyond. The Starting XI, elected from among our members, sets strategic direction for the organization. Our member-driven committees consist of volunteers committed to building and sharing the vision of the group in support of Austin FC. Los Verdes members are committed to being the music, art and noise of McKalla Stadium. Join Los Verdes


Oak Army New Braunfels

Based in New Braunfels, TX, Oak Army NB is an independent SG of Austin FC, the 27th team to join the MLS! We are passionate about supporting our club and the sport that we love, soccer. Join Oak Army NB

So, what are you waiting for? Join an Austin FC supporters group.

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  1. You should add La Murga de Austin to your list. Its a SG for musicians that want to be at the center of the noise making for the South end. They work as a bridge between all SGs to incorporate capos and musicians from all groups.

  2. Does anyone know of any Austin FC supporters group based up in Dallas? I’ve never taken a liking to FCD but have been following AFC since the team was announced 🙂 I have watched each of their first four matches and just ordered my Pochettino jersey.

    • Great question! We would love to see a Verde SG in Dallas. Good luck!

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