First seats installed in Austin FC stadium

Today the very first seat was placed in the stadium.

Photo Credit: Austin FC

Never knew we could get so much joy from a green, plastic chair. But here we are in 2020 and it seems like a miracle.

Bright verde in color, it’s a glorious change to the drab gray concrete and silver metal we’ve seen for months in the stadium.

If you’re wondering where this seat is located, it’s in the upper North East side of the stadium. Maybe someday we’ll learn the symbolism of placing the first seat at this exact spot.

On day one of seat installation, the entire 229 section of the stadium was completed. (Notice how they skipped section 228 at the end–the Away Supporters section lol.)

Photo credit: Austin FC

Finally, check out the rainbow of Verde that makes up the seat colors. We think it gives the stadium a modern touch that stands apart from monotone seating in older stadiums.

In addition to these seats, the club will also be adding mesh seating in all lower sections of the East side (see seat map below). Apparently, standard plastic seats can get 10 to 20 degrees hotter than air temperatures, while mesh seats stay at ambient temperature.

Now the question is will the North End seats spell ATX or AUS in the seats? jk


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