VERDE LISTOS ads get locals on board Austin FC hype train

Austin FC die hards may already live and breathe Verde, but many Austinites still aren’t exactly sure what the club is all about, other than it being a new pro soccer team.


A new advertising campaign that attempts to set the tone for the club’s culture and connect it to Austin’s diverse community by highlighting ATXers from all walks of life.

We first heard the VERDE “green” and LISTOS “let’s go” catchphrases in-person at the stadium groundbreaking from none other than Matthew McConaughey, co-owner and Minister of Culture.

It was there that he worked Austin Anthem SG into a frenzy, leading them in a chant of VERDE-LISTOS, VERDE-LISTOS. T-shirts with those two words also appeared in the online MLS merch store.

Austin FC stadium groundbreaking (Sept. 2019)

To carry out the VERDE LISTOS vision, Austin FC’s Sr VP of Marketing, James Ruth, is showing everyday Austin personalities in their natural environments. Austinites featured in the campaign include:

  • musician Shakey Graves
  • muralist Chris Rogers
  • sushi chef Yoshi Okai
  • neon artist Evan Voyles
  • designer/embroiderer Kathie Sever
  • pitmaster Eliana Gutierrez

Austin FC’s ad campaign will run in social media, TV commercials, billboards and print ads through the 2021 season.

We see the VERDE LISTOS campaign as a vital step in building the club, on par with establishing a youth academy or building the inaugural player roster.

If the club doesn’t resonate with different communities in the city, then eventually the novelty wears off and you’re left with what Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas face: poor stadium attendance, limited revenue opportunities, and no true brand.

The only question now is, are you VERDE or LISTOS?


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