Total transportation guide for Austin FC match day

UPDATED MAY 25, 2021

Here’s your guide to getting to the stadium on match day.

With the crush of 20K+ fans all looking to be in their seats by kickoff, you’ll need a good plan to get to the stadium. Check out these transportation options to get to the game.


Austin FC stadium will only have 835 surface parking spaces onsite.

In the map below, you can see parking limited to a narrow East parking lot, a North side “natural” parking area, and a Southwest corner, where future housing will be built. On match day, these spots will be reserved for Club and Premium season ticket holders, as well as VIP guests, players, staff, and club partners.

  • East Lot: Accessed from Aguilar St off Braker Lane.
  • North Lot: Accessed from Bright Verde Way of Burnet Rd.
  • Southwest Lot: Accessed from McKalla Place off Rutland Dr.
Austin FC stadium site plan
Austin FC site plans with parking lots

So, where will everyone else park?

At a glance, there appears to be plenty of parking options within a mile of Austin FC.

Since the stadium is located near an industrial area, surrounding parking lots and streets at these businesses are mostly empty on the weekend, and at night on weekdays, if you’re willing to hunt for a free space that isn’t in a tow-away zone.

The club also partners with Pavemint for offsite parking. These close-in private lots are priced between $22-$35 and may include a shuttle from the lot to the stadium. Examples of these lots include a gravel lot right by the stadium and a parking garage at the Domain. In addition, Premium Parking of Central Texas offers parking at 10423 McKalla Place for $35 on the Paragon Printing & Mailing lot.

With so many breweries nearby, these establishments would do well to entice fans by offering parking (and band together to provide a shuttle service to the match).

If you plan to go early, and completely miss traffic, then pre-gaming at the North End Beer Hall may be your best bet to get inside the stadium in advance — the stadium will open 90 minutes before the match.


Do you plan to leave the driving to Uber or Lyft?

In the inaugural season of Austin FC the rideshare dropoff will be located onsite at the stadium (dropoff on the West side of the stadium) via McKalla Place. Pick up locations after the match won’t be onsite, instead you’ll need to walk to Brockton or Rutland to meet your ride.

Graphic courtesy Austin FC

A permanent rideshare dropoff is expected to be at Delta Drive (see yellow dot below) off Metric Blvd, once the future MetroRail station is operational.

A grassy field and train tracks stand in the way for the most direct route from Delta Drive to the stadium. It makes sense for the rideshare dropoff to eventually be integrated into the planned rail station. We think there will either be a people bridge built over the tracks or some other way to cross at the future rail platform to get to the stadium.

Planned rideshare dropoff for Austin FC stadium


MetroRail’s Red Line is a 32-mile route, connecting downtown to North Austin to Leander. As of May 29, fans will be able to take the train to Kramer Station and then make a 15-minute trek to the stadium. The rail will run for up to two hours after all Austin FC home games, including weekdays and Sundays.

With the passage of Prop A in November 2020, the Red Line commuter service will be expanded with new stations at The Domain and Austin FC stadium. The future location of the rail stop will officially be on Delta Drive. Kramer Station will be closed.

Austin FC Rendering Courtesy Capital Metro

According to Capital Metro’s project plan, the design of Austin FC station has been completed and construction will start in early 2021. With the current timeline showing the Red Line project will take two years, the rail stop will open by 2023.

Red Line design and construction timeline via Capital Metro

Once the rail station is up and running, don’t be surprised to see a VERDE Express train just for game days.


CapMetro has announced its game day service for 2021.

  • MetroRapid 803 runs from South Lamar along North Burnet and ends at the Domain near TopGolf. It will operate every 8 minutes and drops off in from of Q2. Buses will be lined up after the game on Bright Verde Way. It stops right in front of the stadium.
  • Route 3 Burnet/Manachaca runs from far South Austin along North Burnet before it turns North on West Braker and ends on Great Hills trail. This is a frequent-stop service that runs on major roads and has connections all over town. It stops right in front of the stadium.
  • Route 383 operates on increased frequency of 15 minutes and drops off in front of the stadium. It serves two nearby Park & Rides: North Lamar Transit Center and Pavilion Park & Ride.
  • Route 392 starts North at the Tech Ridge Park & Ride and runs by Dell before turning on Braker, eventually ending on Kramer near the Kramer MetroRail station. On games days, buses run at increased frequency of 20 minutes between Q2 Stadium and Tech Ridge Transit Center. This route serves outlying areas of Austin.
Graphic courtesy Austin FC

Austin FC has indicated that it in the future it may run a game day shuttle to and from its St. David’s Performance Center located at Parmer Pond business park on East Parmer Lane.


Like some other MLS clubs, Austin FC offers a bike valet area for fans that ride a bicycle to the stadium on match days. It’s a FREE service for ticket holders located on the East side of the stadium, behind Live Oak Park. The valet area is a temporary area on match day overseen by Austin FC staff with tents to shelter the bikes.

Meanwhile, the City of Austin has made numerous recent improvements around the stadium by adding sidewalks along Braker and Burnet roads. Roads and traffic signals are also being upgraded to serve increased traffic on Austin FC match days. Historically, sidewalks surrounding in this area were hit or miss, even along the major roadways in the area.

How do you plan to get to the game?

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  1. I really hope the city will spend some money on McKalla Place. I see that as a good route for pedestrians and cyclists coming from a few of the breweries on match days, but could really use some love from those Prop. B dollars.


    • The most recent thing we’ve heard is that there will be a bike valet on match days. Didn’t any bike racks installed yet in our last visit to the stadium.


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