4 Takeaways from Rodolfo Borrell’s Introduction as the New Austin FC Sporting Director

It was a special day on Monday at Q2 Stadium when CEO and majority owner Anthony Precourt introduced new Austin FC Sporting Director Rodolfo Borrell.

We were Livin’ the Verde Dream™️ on this momentous occasion, parking in the player’s lot, casually saying ‘hi’ in the hallway to Jon Gallagher while making our way to the Field Club for a packed press conference to unveil the former Manchester City assistant coach in Austin. 

Co-founder Eddie Margain and President Andy Loughnane sat in the front row at the media event. Former Interim Sporting Director Sean Rubio was also there. Noticeably absent was Head Coach Josh Wolff.

Afterward, it was pics on the pitch. Anthony Precourt and Rodo (as he prefers to be called) posed at the midfield line with a commemorative jersey and scarf, followed by pictures with Austin FC staffers.

Finally, Rodo was whisked away by the ATX media team for more photos on the field at McKalla Place. 

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Here are our four takeaways after attending Rodolfo Borrell’s introductory press conference.

1. Rodolfo Borrell is 100% #Wolffin

From the get-go, Rodo made it crystal clear that Josh Wolff will remain the boss on the pitch, full stop. “Josh is the leader of the group, and this is 100% this way. And I want to address that from the very beginning because maybe someone else has some different questions in addition to these ones.” To further emphasize his point, Borrell later said, “The fact that Josh is actually the head coach was one of the key factors of me deciding on taking this opportunity.” 

2. Scouting and Recruitment will be a priority for Rodo

When Anthony Precourt began describing Borrell’s duties, the first words out of his mouth were, “Rodo will be focusing on scouting and recruitment…” Something Verde fans will truly appreciate after witnessing several failed player acquisitions by club.

Just to be clear, Precourt also said Rodo isn’t involved in roster-building in the current MLS summer transfer window. Borrell’s focus is getting moved in and situated in ATX.

3. Rodo has much to learn about MLS roster rules

While Borrell brings nearly 30 years of experience at the highest level of global soccer, he has to learn the machinations and quirks of rostering-building in major league soccer. But there’s no turning back now — he made it known that he has no intention of returning to the coaching ranks. He’ll have some help in learning the finer points of MLS roster rules and regulations though. Precourt said, “Sean [Rubio] is going to continue on as the SVP of Player Personnel.”

To his credit, Rodo responded directly to skeptics about his first foray into U.S. professional soccer. “The fact that I’ve been following the league for such a long time, it’s not going to be a shocker for me. So obviously, it’s completely different. The fact that there are such huge distances to cover when you play on the road. And the difference in schedules … and difference of temperatures. It makes it much more difficult and this affects the proper game itself. But at the end of the day, it’s the same game. There are two goals and one football, it’s the same dimension, and it’s 11 against 11. I’m very much looking forward to it and I don’t see any issues,” said Borrell, as a first-time MLS Sporting Director.

4. Anthony Precourt will spend big bucks on top leaders

Precourt acknowledged that while his financial investment in the player side is hindered by MLS salary limitations, there are no limits on wages for hiring the top soccer minds in leadership roles. “We don’t have any salary caps or restrictions on the investment we can make in our leaders. I think this is a big statement on behalf of Austin FC and our ownership group,” declared Anthony Precourt.

That’s good news for Austin FC fans as the club continues to build a foundation in its third MLS season.

Rodolfo Borrell’s Bio

Full Name: Rodolfo Borrell Marco
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
Age: 52

1995–2003FC Barcelona U11-U12-U14 Coach
2003–2006FC Barcelona U16 Coach
2006–2008FC Barcelona U18 Coach
2008Iraklis Coach
2009FC Barcelona U18 Coach
2009-2011Liverpool FC U18 Coach
2011-2012Liverpool FC U23 Coach
2012-2014Liverpool FC Academy Director
2014-2016Manchester City Academy Director
2016-2023Manchester City First Team Asst. Coach
2023-PresentAustin FC Sporting Director
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