It’s Now or Never: This Week will Define the 2023 Season

12 points from 4 matches.  That’s the max available to take home the 3rd edition of the Copa Tejas.  The trophy that defines the best team in Texas has such a short history because of the absolute pettiness of Dynamo and Frisco fans — they wouldn’t let the new kids have access to the trophy they’ve been fighting over since 2006.

That same petty, dickish attitude infects the Frisco front office too — as seen when they forced our players to receive our trophy in the parking lot last year.

2022 Copa Tejas Winners / Photo Courtesy of Austin FC

This year, we saw that dickishness show its ugly head among the players in Jesus Ferreira’s grossly disrespectful goal celebration in front of our supporter’s section on May 13. And yet, it’s not the most insane thing to ever happen in a Texas rivalry match – things have gotten waaay stupider.

If losing three times to our Texas rivals in one year doesn’t make your blood boil, then you either didn’t grow up around here, or maybe you don’t love Austin FC as much as you need to.

In any other year, those three losses would have tanked Austin’s Copas Tejas campaign already, but the scheduling geniuses at MLS gave Austin 2 extra games versus our rivals, which threw everything off.  The result was that only the third loss counted in the Copa Tejas standings.

Here’s the Copa Tejas standings going into Wednesday’s showdown with Frisco:

Austin FC00

Austin FC’s Copa Tejas ceiling is already down to 9 points thanks to the Dynamo’s comeback victory on May 27. Both they and Frisco have a ceiling of 10 points now, so both of Austin’s games this week are must-wins.

Coach Josh Wolff’s thoughts on the FC Frisco Rivalry.

Must-Wins for Wolff

This week’s games are must-wins for the Copa, but Wolff should be seeing them as must-wins for his future with Austin FC, too.

I’m 75/25 #WolffOUT.  As grateful as I am for the awesome ride that was the 2022 season, there has been very little evidence of growth or progress this year, thus far.  

Half the season is behind us, two wins at home this week against the derpwads from “Dallas” and Houston, would be the perfect reboot for our season.

As much as I lay a lot of the early season struggles at the feet of the MLS schedule and the injury bug going around, Wolff has had an 11-day break that he should have been using to reflect, learn and regroup.

There should be no excuses anymore.  No more hoping and believing that this will be the week that Rodney Redes (or whichever Wolff project) finally lives up to his potential.  It’s time to put up or shut up.  The strengths and weaknesses of our team are obvious and have been exploited by other MLS coaches time and time again this year.

Wolff needs to squeeze all the juice out of this roster and win now.  Bench whoever needs to be benched, and start whoever is willing to bleed Verde for the victory this week.  

The temperatures will be insane (for a soccer match especially, but for human thriving in general), and whichever team is willing to suffer more will probably take the points.  All the more reason for Wolff to take the blinders off and look at who’s going to man up across the entire roster, and just play them if they’re willing to run through brick walls for the win (C.J. Fodrey… cough, cough).

If I’m sitting at this keyboard after hearing Wolff say “disappointing” in another two press conferences come Saturday night, I will be 100% #WolffOUT.  He will have proven that he’s incapable of reigniting this team’s fire.  The fire that had shone so brightly just last year!

It has come down to this week for the Verde and Black.  

6 points to turn this season around.  

6 points to win Texas.  

Nothing less.

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  1. Spot on!!! although regardless of the results this week, I am 100% #Wolffout!!!!!!!!!!!

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