Postgame Player Interviews UNCUT Video: Stuver & Pereira

Dani Pereira #6 MF

Spanish sections translated in the notes below the video.

Much thanks to Manny Ramirez for his help with audio.

Spanish Translations


DP: [Clarifying] “What’s your question?”

JI: “The defense is doing their job, but when the criticisms come, they’re for the whole team. What do y’all think of that?”

DP: “The defense is doing their job, and the criticisms… which criticisms?”

JI: “That you’re not winning.”

DP: “Well, you can’t win every game. Obviously, Soccer comes with mistakes. And we’re making a lot of mistakes right now, like you say, and we we’ve got to fix them.”


AR: “Amongst the fans we have a saying: ‘No Dani, No Party.’ How do you feel now that you’re going to bring your game to the Venezuelan National Team. Are you going to bring the party to Venezuela?”

DP: “I’ll try, I’ll try to bring joy to Venezuela. Obviously, I don’t know a lot about how they play, or what position I would play. But obviously I will take advantage of every opportunity and try to bring joy to the country.”


LG: “The Venezuelans are very happy that you’ve been called up to the National Team. What can you say to the people who are going to see you play here in the United States (since you can’t leave the country), what would you like to say to them?”

DP: “I’m going to give everything for the crest, for the country. I hope it’s the start of something really beautiful. The objective is clear for all of us: to go to the World Cup in 2026.”

LG: “Do you see yourself there?”

DP: “Yes I do.”

Brad Stuver #1 GK

Much thanks to Manny Ramirez for his help with audio.

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