US Open Cup Preview Presser: Full UNCUT Video of Josh Wolff and Adam Lundkvist

Timestamps below each video.

Coach Josh Wolff

0:00 Thoughts on Chicago being Wolff’s first club, and how they’re performing under the new coach.

1:14 Comments on single-elimination tournaments like the US Open Cup.

2:04 Comments on Adam Lundkvist and his form lately.

3:00 What to do about the current success with the new formation once Sebastian Driussi returns.

4:01 The Striker’s Phil West picks Josh’s brain for memories about winning the Open Cup in 1998. His feelings about the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup in general.

5:36 His memories and thoughts on Chicago Fire coach Frank Klopas.

6:17 Which Marvel superhero does he connect with the most? “Groot’s cute!”

7:00 About his five years playing for Chicago Fire.

7:35 Thoughts on Owen Wolff’s performance in the U20 Fifa World Cup.

8:47 Analysis of the way USA’s U-20 team is being coached.

9:30 On whether or not other clubs have been showing interest in Owen since his performance in Argentina.

9:48 Lack of thoughts about the Copa Tejas match versus Houson on Saturday.

10:08 How does winning two straight affect the locker room?

11:00 Does 2022’s success make it easier to break out of the slump they were in this year?

12:10 Reaction to the fans’s reaction to MLSPA releasing salary numbers, and their feelings about Gyasi Zardes’ salary.

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Adam Lundkvist

0:00 How to say his name correctly.

0:23 How the vibes are in the locker room after 2 wins in a row.

1:09 What it was like winning the 2018 US Open Cup.

2:20 How he felt in the moment of winning the cup.

3:19 How it feels transitioning between league play and an elimination tournament.

4:25 About his form lately after getting subbed out versus San Jose on 4/29.

5:35 His feelings about the rockets he’s been firing and the one that got saved.

6:08 The Marvel superhero he wishes he could be. And he’s a big MCU fan.

6:48 Teaching him about bluebonnets.

7:00 His appreciation for the tifos and the fans of Austin FC.

7:33 Has the Austin FC organization lived up to his expectations?

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