After Practice Interview Videos: Josh Wolff & Emi Rigoni speak to media on 5/4/2023

Coach Wolff

0:00 On getting the striker more involved in the attack

1:30 On why he didn’t use his CB substitutes in the San Jose game

2:37 What’s been the biggest challenge this year besides injuries.

4:40 How to balance expectations with the fact that this is only year three.

5:50 His thoughts on going up against Portland

6:30 The mindset of the team after the come-from-behind draw last week.

7:25 Whether or not he’s worried about playing on Portland’s turf.

8:00 On Julio and Diego’s return from injury.

8:50 His intention to win the Open Cup and how it affects preparations for Saturday.

9:35 On how to deal with the schedule congestion and how the Open Cup can affect the team.

10:40 His thoughts on Gregg Berhalter and if he should be rehireed to coach the USMNT

11:30 His thoughts on Landon Donovan and Demarcus Beasley being inducted into the Hall of Fame this Saturday.

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Emiliano Rigoni

Translations typed out below the video.


Phil West: Asking about how he felt playing on the left wing, and why that decision to play him there versus right wing was more effective.

Rigoni:  Josh decided on the change because he knows I can play on both wings.  I felt comfortable, since it’s a position I’ve played it.  I feel good [about it].

CapCity: It’s been confirmed that Messi won’t be playing in Paris next year, and a selfie of you and Messi has been circulating online.  We want to know if you’ve connected with him to see if he can come play for Austin next year?

Rigoni: I really haven’t talked to him.  I don’t have contact with him. But quietly I can say that he’d be quite welcome here and we’d treat him well.  And obviously we could really need him here.

CapCity: Do us a favor…

Rigoni: It could be something good.

Cory Mose: Josh emphasized how important it is to get the win. Do the players feel that pressure?

Rigoni: Of course!  We are always plugged into what the coaching staff is communicating to us.  We always work to the max to try and win.  It’s our objective to get the three points once again, and we’re preparing for that.

CapCity:  Congratulations on your first goal in Austin on Saturday.  How did you feel? Relieved?

Rigoni: Content. Personally very happy to score my first goal for the club. It’s something that I’d been missing.  It gives you some extra confidence every time you score.  Like I said before, it would have been better ifI we had gotten all 3 points at home.  But now we go again this week to try again.

Phil West: There seemed to be some confusion amongst the fans about the goal celebration was with the hands out.  Can you explain what you were trying to communicate?

Rigoni: It’s a celebration that’s just my thing – I’ve been doing since Brazil.  I didn’t do it with any intention for anyone or any thing.  It’s just a celebration that I like to do, nothing more.

Emely Alvarado: Whenever we did a marketing tour in January and they asked him to do a celebration, that’s what he did.

Phil West: What does it mean?

Rigoni: I just like it.  I started doing it during practice in Brazil. It’s just to make a celebration.

Colby Gordon: It seems like Julio is on the verge of coming back; how beneficial will it be to get him back and maybe have Alex to add depth to the midfield?

Rigoni: Julio is always a really important player for us, and no one was expecting him to get hurt when he did, in the first game.  We’re really happy to be getting him back, even though everyone who has filled in for him has done really well.  It’s up to Josh now to decide when he plays, but we know the potential Julio has for us and important to have him on the field.

CapCity: In MLS there are high expectations for DPs, especially to produce goals.  Looking at your career, you’ve only had two seasons where you produced a lot of goals (in Brazil and Argentina), help the fans understand/appreciate what success looks like for you if there’s not going to be a lot of goals this year?

Rigoni: The idea is always to score and to help the team.  Obviously there are players that score a lot each season, and that’s demanded of them.  I haven’t averaged a lot of goals over the course of my career, but that’s not to say that I can’t do it.  Obviously it depends on my performance.  It also tracks with how our team does in season.  Obviously I have the responsibility – I know I’m an important player for the team, and every time I have to show my face for the team I will step up and help the team and everyone here in Austin knows it.

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