A tasty experience: New food at Q2 Stadium for 2023

If you’ve known me even for a short while, you’ll quickly realize that my love language doesn’t involve words of affirmation or acts of service. Those things are cool, and by all means, feel free to throw some kind words my way, but my true love language is food (ok so really I guess it’s ‘gifts’ in the form of food). 

So when Capital City Soccer got the invite to the “What’s New at Q2” event on Tuesday, I was like, “Yes.” When I found out that we’d be treated to lunch from some of Q2’s food vendors, I was like, “Hell yes.”

The big headline—Kerbey Lane Queso at Q2

Austin staple Kerbey Lane Cafe has joined the Q2 matchday food lineup!

Kerbey Lane Cafe queso

Ok so technically, only Austin’s most famous queso is joining the lineup (if we’re keeping it 100, I’m more of a Bob Armstrong guy, but I respect Kerbey Lane’s kay-so). After the first match of the season (and we were repeatedly reminded that this would only begin after the first match), Kerbey Lane queso will officially take over the Queso Fountain by Section 126.

All in all, it’s a win-win for Q2 and Kerbey Lane. Unfortunately, you’ll have to actually go to a Kerbey Lane location for some of their pancakes, but even if that were an option, pancakes at a soccer game doesn’t sound like the move.

Taste-testing some food options at Q2 Stadium


OneTaco pastor, pollo asado, or carne asada tacos

OneTaco’s story from humble beginnings to a Q2 Stadium vendor is a really cool one. Guests were offered pastor, pollo asado, or carne asada tacos. Since this was the first vendor that I visited, I took it easy and only took down a pastor and carne asada taco. I asked for extra cebolla y cilantro because veggies are important to one’s diet. All in all, the tacos are a good size and two should be good enough to get you through a match. You can always go to Rundberg afterward if you still need some more tacos in your life.

Bao’d Up

Bao’d Up pork buns

Admittedly, my baseline for baos is almost nonexistent. I mean, I’ve probably had at least 10,000 tacos in my lifetime (don’t judge me if you think that number is too high…or too low) and probably only like 9 baos. Well, I’m at 10 now after trying their juicy pork bao. It was really good! I don’t know if I would get it at Q2, however. You can’t really eat it with your hands, so you’d need a table, a knife, and a fork to truly enjoy it. But if you enjoy baos, hit them up. They offer brisket, chicken, and veggie baos in addition to pork on matchdays.

Casa Chapala

Casa Chapala shrimp fish ceviche

Casa Chapala is back for another season at Q2. This year, they’re introducing grab and go burritos (steak and chicken), shrimp ceviche, and fish ceviche to their menu. I wasn’t a big fan of the shrimp ceviche, it needed more lime juice and, honestly, a cóctel de camarón would have been money, but I loved the fish ceviche. A cold Dos XX with some Casa Chapala ceviche on a hot summer day at McKalla Place sounds about as good as it gets.


T-Loc’s Sonoran Hot Dog

You know, I’ve been to T-Loc’s food truck before for their carne asada fries, but have never had their (world famous) Sonoran Hot Dog. I know, I know, dumb move on my part. A green steamed bun, bacon-wrapped hot dog, with pinto beans, sauteed onions, diced onions and tomatoes, mayo, mustard, and jalapeño sauce means that you’ve ordered it “con todo.” And please, do not order this hot dog sin todo. As they described it, the combination is “hot, cold, tangy, spicy, sweet, and salty.” I’m glad they are able to put it into words because I would never have been able to describe it and do it justice.

Final thoughts

With no disrespect to anything I ate on Tuesday (All the food was really good!), there is only one thing that I’d go out of my way to eat outside of McKalla: T-Loc’s Sonoran Hot Dog.

Also, I was today-years-old when I learned that T-Loc’s has been selling michelada mix during matchdays. Why didn’t anyone tell me before?!?

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention three of the four vendors that fed us on Tuesday were Latin@-owned businesses, and one was Asian-American owned. Kudos to Senior Executive Chef Sam Boisjoly and the team at Austin FC for fostering food options that are not only diverse in cuisine (it’s not just chicken fingers and burgers at Q2), but diverse with respect to ownership. 

My only push for the club is that we don’t have a Black-owned restaurant represented at Q2 (yet). There are some great Black-owned restaurants in Austin, and while not every restaurant lends itself to the stadium experience, I could totally see a Hoover’s or Bird Bird Biscuit working out. And when it happens, I’ll be there, ready to eat. Because if you didn’t know by now, one of the things I love more than football is food.

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