My favorite goal of 2022

I know we’re all caught up in the hype of glorious optimism that is the MLS preseason, but since there’s no real games to analyze, I thought I’d take a look back for my introductory post here on Capital City Soccer.

We were spoiled by a lot of spectacular goals last season, after enduring the scoring famine of 2021, but there is one goal that stands out in my mind as the greatest goal of the 2022 season. It was a display of sublime skill- of course- and it came in a truly dramatic moment; but it was my favorite of all because of the heart that it displayed.

This one goal embodied the spirit that the squad had displayed all year long. It came just after I had been holding my breath for what felt like 5 minutes (in reality it was more like 10 seconds), because any time Driussi was fouled last year, I found my cheeks clenched and my breath trapped in my throat.

So yeah, the FC Frisco idiot slid into the true MVP from behind! It was just a sloppy, flagrant foul, for which he was promptly issued a yellow card in the 29th minute. And in that momement, a lesser man would have been plotting a retaliatory foul; or yelling obsceneties at the Friscan-unworthy-of-being-named; or even whining to the ref … but not the 3rd best Argentine player of all time!

Driussi Dior just quietly picked himself up and strategically placed himself in the best position to help his team.

Me and the guy sitting next to me in the 107 saw his stoic resolve. We could feel his seathing anger radiating across the field.

We turned to one another and almost jinxed each other by saying, “He’s gonna score!”

Thirty seconds later, he was in perfect position to steal the ball, and the moment he got on the ball it was like everything else faded away. I bet he couldn’t hear his teammates calling for the ball, or even see any of the defenders. Even the roar of the Q2 faithful probably faded into a whisper in that moment of pure focus!

In that moment Sebastian Driussi was a man possessed by one sigular thought: “Voy a meter un gol AHORA!” (I’m pretty sure his thought life is still in Español).

The Friscan should’ve known that you don’t piss off the MVP.

But he did. And that unleashed the beast!

Driussi launched a rocket off his right foot at an impossible angle through the whole penalty box, and nearly ripped a hole in the side netting on the far post. It was an insane goal that only a truly great player could even think about attempting.

That was the moment that FC Frisco paid for their sins on 7/16/22.

That was the moment that THE Sebastian Driussi ended FC Frisco’s season.

It was the epitomy of Austin FC’s breakout season: every time we were doubted; every time we got punched in the face or done dirty by a ref; each and every time our boys showed their heart and character- and shear will- to overcome and rise above our adversaries.

This goal in the 2022 Western Conference Semifinals by the one and only Sebastian Driussi was the best goal of all last season. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2023!

Photos Courtesy of ESPN and Apple’s MLS Season Pass

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