Q2 Stadium voted best place to play in 2022 by MLS players

🎶 McKalla Oh-La-La. All my heart is at McKalla Oh-La-La. 🎶

MLS players around the league are singing the praises of Austin FC’s Q2 Stadium. In the MLS Players Association (MLSPA) 2022 Player Voices Poll, players rated Q2 Stadium number one when asked “What is your favorite MLS stadium to play in?” and “Which MLS stadium has the best pitch?”.

That tracks for Verde fans. Q2 Stadium has a sellout streak of 36 matches, hitting full capacity (20,738 average attendance) in every home match since the club began playing in 2021. That streak is the longest active sellout streak in MLS.

Home games at McKalla have been so popular that ATX is looking into stadium expansion—potentially adding “400 to 1,000 seats in the north building,” according to club president Andy Loughnane.

Austin FC stadium pitch installation
Installation of the pitch at Q2 Stadium in October 2020.

As far as being the top-ranked MLS pitch, we followed the installation of the natural grass turf closely in 2020 and can attest that the care they put in at the start has made it the best playing surface in major league soccer today.

Other Austin FC winners from the 2022 MLS player survey:

  • Most impactful in supporting their community: Brad Stuver
  • Coach they’d want to play for: Josh Wolff

All the results from the 2022 Player Voices Poll can be found here.

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