Matthew McConaughey teases Austin FC vs Wrexham AFC friendly

Austin FC fans who watched the last-ever local match broadcast were in for a treat when co-owner and Minister of Culture Matthew McConaughey made his very first appearance in the booth at Q2 Stadium during the second half of the game.

The broadcast team—Adrian Healey and Michael Lahoud—quizzed Mr. Alright, Alright, Alright on a variety of topics, including the phenomenon of Hollywood getting into the ownership ranks of soccer clubs. Citing examples, Healey mentioned Ryan Reynolds’ Welcome to Wrexham.

Matthew McConaughey on the Austin FC vs. Colorado broadcast
Matthew McConaughey on the Austin FC vs. Colorado broadcast Oct.9, 2022 (Photo Credit: Alma Martinez)

That’s when things got interesting.

In his smooth Texas drawl, McConaughey casually dropped that earlier in the day, he’d been speaking to Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool himself, about a friendly between Austin FC and Reynolds’ Wrexham AFC (which he co-owns with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator Rob McElhenney).

Here’s exactly what Matthew said on live TV that made us do a spit take.

“I was actually talking to Mr. Reynolds today. We’re going to work up maybe a little friendly between his team and our team.”

Matthew McConaughey on Austin FC’s Oct. 9 game broadcast

It seems Austin FC is indeed on Reynolds’ radar as the actor, with his 20 million @VancityReynolds followers, recently followed the club on Twitter.

Actor Ryan Reynolds follows Austin FC on Twitter
Deadpool follows Austin FC on Twitter

While bringing Super Paul Mullin, Ollie and the rest of the Red Dragons to ATX for a friendly may not be the most compelling match of the year, the sheer star power promoting this event could mean millions of new eyeballs on the fledgling Verdes.

Imagine Deadpool and Wooderson cruising McKalla in a ’69 GTO. Someone should make that movie.

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