5 ways to beat the heat at Q2 Stadium

Here are five ways to beat the heat at Q2 Stadium on scorching-hot matchdays.

Much of Austin FC’s home schedule falls smack dab in the hottest months in Texas. You know, that time of the year when it’s 90-plus degrees for an 8 p.m. kickoff.

Q2 stadium was designed to provide some relief from the sun, with its huge roof canopies, open-air corners for natural breezes, and 6,000 breathable mesh seats in the sunniest sections of the stadium. Even with those built-in features, the temperature can be pretty unbearable at McKalla for a 90 minute match.

Check out these ways you can stay cool while attending an Austin FC match in the summer.

YETI drinkware at Q2 Stadium
30 ounce drinkware allowed inside Q2 Stadium

Bring your YETI to the stadium

Q2 Stadium changed its water policy in 2022 and you can now bring your empty YETI (30 ounces or less), or another reusable drinking vessel, to games.

Here’s Austin FC’s water policy at Q2 Stadium.

“To enhance fan comfort, as well as to reinforce Q2 Stadium and Austin FC’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, Each guest is allowed to bring in one empty drink vessel, 30-ounces or less. Drink vessels can be refilled at the YETI hydration stations located in the Southeast and Northwest corners of the stadium, as well as other water fountains throughout the venue.”

Upon entering the gate, stadium staff usually check your cup to make sure it’s empty.

If refillable drinkware is slightly over 30 oz, you’re probably good. We haven’t seen water bottles being measured at the gate before entry.

If you bring a YETI-brand drinking vessel, you may receive extra perks. Sometimes sponsors, like Don Julio, have special game day activations on the concourse where they fill your cup for free with your favorite alcoholic cocktail.

YETI Water Stations
Two YETI Water Stations inside Q2 Stadium

Fill ‘er up at the water stations

YETI hydration stations are located in the Southeast and Northwest corners of the stadium, as well as other water fountains throughout the venue. Free cups can be found at the hydration stations.

Warning: on really hot game days long lines form at these free watering holes.

Optimal times to fill your water bottle may be 30-minutes before kickoff, during player hydration breaks and extended injury stoppage, or before the crowd makes its way out for halftime.

Bottles of water can also be purchased at the markets along the concourse.

Q2 Stadium Cooling Spray Misters
Giant cooling misters at Q2 Stadium

Find a cool outdoor breeze

For some quick relief, there’s no better option at Q2 Stadium than the giant misters set up on the stadium concourse.

These evaporative air cooling systems spray a fine water mist about 50 feet, cooling any passersby. Think of it as a turbocharged version of the misters you find in outdoor patios of restaurants and bars throughout ATX.

Austin FC fan giveaway
Free hand fan given to fans at the match vs San Jose on Aug 6

Misters are great if you’re standing directly in front of one, but most of your time at Q2 Stadium will be spent in your seat. We’ve seen fans bring foldable hand fans, portable electronic neck fans, bandanas and cooling neck wraps to the games.

 PointsBet Sports Bar
 PointsBet Sports Bar upstairs at the North End of Q2 Stadium

In search of indoor air conditioning

Want the sweet relief of indoor A/C? Head over to the PointsBet Sports Bar at the North End.

Any fan with a matchday ticket can enjoy this climate-controlled environment, and still watch the game from its many TVs. If you want to grab a table in the bar during hot games, arrive early—seating is first come, first served.

The stadium’s sports bar always opens three hours before kickoff.

Q2 Stadium Beer Showers
Beer Showers at Q2 Stadium

Bring on the beer showers

Nothing beats an exuberant beer shower on a hot day every time Austin FC scores a goal.

There are some caveats though. You’ll only want to use this cooling method in the supporters’ section, if you don’t want to piss off unsuspecting fans around you. And with the steep price of beer at Q2 Stadium, your shower will likely consist of just plain old H2O.

No matter where your seat is, you can always use an Austin FC goal as an excuse to douse water on your head.

How do you keep cool at Q2 Stadium?

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