Rumors swirl about Cecilio Dominguez leaving, Emiliano Rigoni arriving

UPDATE: Austin FC announced on Saturday morning that the club and midfielder Cecilio Domínguez have mutually agreed to terminate Domínguez’s contract effective July 23, 2022. It immediately opens up a designated player spot for potential target Emiliano Rigoni, mentioned below.

Multiple reports are coming in that winger Cecilio Domínguez is heading out of Austin soon to make way for Argentine winger Emiliano Rigoni from Brazilian Serie A side São Paulo FC.

Cesar Luis Merlo is reporting that Santos Laguna in Liga MX is negotiating with Domínguez.

Head Coach Josh Wolff addressed the rumors in the club’s July 21 midweek press conference. He had this to say about the transfer speculation.

On signing Emiliano Rigoni “That’s not a player that is on our team, so I don’t have much to say about it.”

On Cecilio’s status with the club “He continues to train with us. He does a good job in training. And I continue to echo that. He’s got a great attitude about being here. Outside of that there’s not much more to report.” When pressed if there was a chance Domínguez could be back on the team Wolff said, “There may be. There may be. There may not be. Right now we just keep moving forward.”

A deal to unload Austin FC designated player Domínguez makes sense given that it would free up a DP spot.

Critical because rumored transfer target Emi Rigoni has a wage bill that’s expected to exceed the maximum budget charge allowed by MLS. So basically, Cecilio’s loan has to happen in order to bring Rigoni to Austin.

According to sources close to the proceedings, the transfer of the Argentine attacker amounts to $4 million, with $2 million due from Austin FC immediately upon signing the contract and the rest to be paid in 2023.

All this has to happen before the MLS summer transfer window closes on August 4. 

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