TikToks of forgettable moments at Austin FC games

TikTok stars in the making right here at Capital City Soccer. Yessir!

We film the obscure, often dismissed parts of Austin FC matches at Q2 Stadium.

Don’t mistake that we did this on purpose.

Too slow to capture actual goals scored by Austin FC, too unprofessional to be ready with a camera. We get iPhone video of those near misses and moments in the box that resulted in nada (all while holding a Zilker Parks & Rec beverage in our other hand).

Yet somehow they get views on TikTok. Millions of views in some cases.

For the first (and probably last) time, we’ll take you through our TikTok greatest hits. In the hope that you’ll follow us on the app.

Here’s one of our newer videos from the 2022 season. We call it Moussa vs Miami (working title). The moose is loose as he feints a hard shoulder to the Inter Miami player’s left side, but as they converge he adeptly pulls up and goes around the opponent. Moussa then gets a touch on the ball on his right side, forcing the Miami player to poke it out of bounds. Corner Austin FC. Djitte wins this round, Beckham! 432K views on the TikTok.

This match featured Cecilio Dominguez versus a young Seattle Sounder. The narrative was that Austin FC got beat by U19s. That’s what they want you to believe. Look closer and Ceci clearly writes a different chapter with his feet. One where he has no qualms about breaking down a kid in front of 20,000 fans. 2.9M views on the TikTok.

If you need an excuse to hate FC Dallas even more, we submit this short film. Frisco player #29 (yes, we’re too lazy to look him up) knows he’s offside, yet goes toward goal — even pulling an unnecessary backheel to get it in the net. As a goalkeeper, Stuuuuuuuver is duty-bound to act like he’s trying to save it. Credit to Romana for continuing the farce by following the ball ALL THE WAY into the net. 772K views on the TikTok.

Sometimes we don’t want to score just to prove a point. Look at our xG last year. This was one of those times. Could Cecilio Dominguez have easily scored against Colorado? Yes! But, did he? No! The poetry for Verde fans was in his moves. Fortunately, TikTokers can sus out greatness and don’t need a ball in the net to be satisfied. This was called offsides btw. 3.6M views on the TikTok.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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