5 beers brewed just for Austin FC fans

Can we talk about how lucky we are to have so many local beers brewed just for soccer-loving Austin FC fanatics?

Lagers, ales, pils, IPAs, and kolsches.

These easy-drinking beers for Verde & Black fans first appeared on the scene in 2021 to coincide with the club’s inaugural season. And even more unique brews are on tap for the Austin FC’s 2022 season.

With that in mind, here are 5 beers every Austin FC fan (of legal drinking age) should try.

Ultra Legends IPA | Hopsquad Brewing x Circle Brewing

2340 W Braker Ln Ste B, Austin, TX 78758 | Hopsquad Brewing and Circle Brewing

Two neighbors next door to Q2 Stadium got together to brew this beer. Hopsquad Brewing and Circle Brewing teamed up for a collab made especially for Verde fans. It’s on tap and in 6-pack cans at the two breweries.

  • Ultra IPA
  • 5.5% ALC/VOL
  • 0 IBU
  • 6-pack cans

¡Dale! Mexican Style Lager | Adelbert’s Brewery

2314 Rutland Dr #100, 78758 | Adelbert’s

Adelbert’s started serving up ¡Dale! Mexican Style Lager in 2021. You can find 6-pack cans in the cooler at the taproom just around the corner from Q2 Stadium. Also available in 1/2 bbl and 1/6 bbl kegs. If you’re lucky you can find sixers in local H-E-Bs and liquor stores.

  • Mexican-Style Lager
  • 4.4% ALC/VOL
  • 20 IBU
  • 6-pack cans

McKalla Mist | Austin Beerworks

3001 Industrial Terrace, 78758 | Austin Beerworks

Austin Beerworks collaborated with Los Verdes ATX supporters group to launch this easy drinking crisp pils for the 2022 season. You can find the brand new Austin FC-themed beer on draft at ABW or in 4-pack cans to go, as well as around town in other stores.

  • German-Style Pils
  • 5.3% ALC/VOL
  • 0 IBU
  • 4-pack 16 oz. cans

Austin Anthem Ale | Circle Brewing Company

12340 W. Braker Ln, 78758 | Circle Brewing

Circle Brewing collaborated with the Austin Anthem supporters group in 2021 to kick off this beer for Austin FC fans. For 2022, Circle brewed up a new batch at its Braker Lane location just steps from Q2 Stadium. Anthem members get 10% off. We’ve spotted Anthem sixers in local H-E-Bs.

  • Golden Ale
  • 4.8% ALC/VOL
  • 0 IBU
  • 6-pack cans

Listos Verde Kolsch | Texas Beer Company

201 N Main St, 76574 | Texas Beer Co

Listos! Verde! Listos! Verde! We all know the popular chant that echos across the pitch of Q2 Stadium and works fans into a frenzy on match days. Now that same energy is found in a can of easy-drinking Kolsch from Texas Beer Co. Brand new for 2022, you can find it on grocery store shelves and in bars before Austin FC’s first match in February.

  • Kolsch
  • 4.8% ALC/VOL
  • N/A IBU
  • 6-pack cans

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