New neighbor Verde Square moving in next door to Q2 Stadium

Austin FC fans are going to see massive changes just west of Q2 Stadium along Burnet Road in the near future.

Verde Square — a four-building complex with offices, apartments, retail, and a hotel — originally was planned to begin construction shortly after Austin FC’s 2022 season, according to the real estate venture associated with the project, but the project now appears to be pushed out to 2023-2024.

The ATX [@TheATX1] provided a look at the design plans. “Verde Square is looking to be a very nice project. It has four buildings. Here are elevations for a 27-story, 308′ residential tower, 9-story, ~155′ hotel and a multi-story retail building.”

The project will be located on 6+ acres along Burnet Rd, including an unpaved lot adjacent to the stadium now used for matchday parking. For Austin FC construction wonks, this zoning review sheet has tons more detail about the project, expected to be completed by 2025.

Verde Square is being developed through a joint venture of Karlin Real Estate and Ironwood Real Estate. In September 2021, Austin City Council approved a zoning change to allow the developers higher height and density development of the area.

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Verde Square retail Building
Verde Square multi-story retail building

Anthony Precourt, founder and CEO of Austin FC, owns all six acres (five parcels) of land being used for the project. While it’s been stated that Precourt is not involved with the actual development of the property, you can see from the designs that there will be a heavy tie-in to its Verde & Black neighbors.

No details of a parking garage for Verde Square have been disclosed, but you’d imagine an agreement with Austin FC would be in place for matchdays.

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