Austin FC jersey speculation for 2022 MLS season

As someone with a closet full of Verde, this Austin FC fan on Twitter read my mind as we get close to 2022 kickoff.

El Jerge [@my_mauricio] asked, “Everyone here on #austinfc Twitter is waiting for signings…I just wanna know when is @Adidas @mls @AustinFC dropping the 22/23 kits for this season.”

CCS retweeted the inquisitive kit man and quickly found some super fans that have done their homework on the subject. Here are our takeaways of the new kit talk.

  • Expect a new AWAY kit to drop for 2022
  • It will be unveiled in mid-February
  • The new 2022 Austin FC jersey will likely be light blue mint green
  • No changes to the HOME jersey for 2022, but it will get a redesign in 2023

Austin FC announces new 2022 jersey

Austin FC confirmed a new Secondary kit release in a February 9 email to the Oak Collective (season ticket holders), but the club didn’t divulge what the shirt actually looks like. All will be revealed in six days.

New kit available at
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Here’s what we officially know about the new jersey, as of February 9:

  • Austin FC will release a new Austin FC Secondary (Away) jersey for 2022.
  • A jersey release party is planned for February 15 at Hotel Vegas in Austin.
  • The color of the jersey won’t be revealed until the official launch date.
  • The 2022 Away jersey cost $145 at checkout.
  • The Secondary jersey will be available at the club’s Verde Store on Feb. 15.
Austin FC 2022 Away jersey release

We may be in full conspiracy-theorist mode, but did the club drop a clue to the color of the new Secondary jersey?

In a Feb. 12 email to fans, the club announced the name of the 2022 shirt—The Sentimiento Kit—and what looks like a blue-green pickup truck with mint green seats in the background, possibly a hint about the Away jersey color.

Prior to Feb. 15, season ticket holders can pre-order the 2022 kit online for men’s sizes X Small-3X Large only.

Finally, on Feb. 15 the mystery kit was revealed. A mint green Away kit with the phrase “VERDE ES UN SENTIMIENTE” on the neck tape of the jersey will replace The Legends white jersey for 2022.

2022 Austin FC secondary kit

Fans can buy the jersey beginning at 10am, Feb. 15 at the two Verde Store locations. The official MLS Store online also sells the new 2022 Austin FC Secondary jersey.

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Austin FC third kit

Austin FC fans could also see the club’s first-ever third jersey in the near future.

After doing away with alternate kits in 2017, MLS allowed some clubs to bring back a third jersey in 2021—according to Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson, the threshold for a club to get a third kit is to sell 100,000 jerseys. (In 2021, only Atlanta United created a third kit.)

Seeing all the Verde & Black jerseys around ATX, the club surely reached that mark. A recent Forbes SportsMoney story corroborated our hypothesis.

“The passionate fan base also helped the club have the highest merchandise sales in MLS this season, as well as setting the single-day record for jersey sales with the inaugural jersey launch on November 18, 2020.”

Michael LoRé, Forbes (November 30, 2021)

MLS clubs can be more creative with alternate jerseys—not limited to a team’s standard colors. Perfect for those matches at Q2 last season when the bright verde of Austin FC blended too closely to the visiting green of other clubs.

What would your Austin FC third kit design look like?

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