What Austin FC coach Wolff said after the win over in-state rival Houston

Austin FC was on the front foot early, scoring a pair of goals before half to hang on for a 2-1 win at home.

Cecilio Domínguez legit got taken down in the box in the first 7′ to earn a penalty kick. Ceci’s bizarre PK off one post, then the other, and into the wide-eyed keeper’s stomach for an own goal told us all we needed to know about the Verde’s destiny in this match.

Most weeks, ATXFC are on the wrong side of those lucky plays. Not this afternoon.

In first half stoppage time — when ATX fans typically are holding their breath, desperate not to give up a goal — Driussi delivered a blistering shot into the back of the net from just past the penalty area.

El Tree led 2-0 at half time.

An own goal by Cascante in final stoppage time gave frustrated Dynamo their only goal of the night.

Here’s what Austin FC head coach Josh Wolff said after the derby win over Dynamo FC.

What was your reaction to the double-post PK goal?

“I was watching it on the screen. It was a nerve-racking split second, but happy to see it go in. He (Cecilio) takes the responsibility well and he finished it well. One post, no post, I’d take that. But the double-post — and the one in Portland-Kansas City (match) is a reminder — I’m glad it went in. Obviously, it was much-deserved.”

Thoughts on the defensive effort

“Our back line absolutely killed it. They busted their butt. Not just tonight. What I’m asking Julio and Jhohan to do each game — play every game, play every minute. We’re a little hamstrung with centerbacks and they just keep powering through, grinding. But it was a great collective effort.”

Wolff’s evaluation of Sebastian Driussi since he joined the team

“You can see what he does for this team. When good things are happening, he usually has some contact with it, whether out wide or down low, helping us get through traffic. He does an incredible job arriving in the penalty box. His quality in and around goal is quite clear. He should have a few more goals. He’s been quite influential.”

What did you say at half that made the team come out so strong?

“Yeah, I think they’ve heard enough from me as far as what I try to bring. You just stay calm. Talk about what went well there in the first half and talk about how we can close the game out. Know that they’re (Houston) going to come out with some heat, some intensity. But, it was more the players. The players took this on. That’s some of the maturation that’s needed and it’s starting to happen.”

On Austin FC’s mindset in these last games of the season

“I don’t know if people are thinking they’re throwaway games because they’re at the end of the year. These games are for us to go out and win, plain and simple. We owe it to the fans. We owe it to the supporters. And these players owe it to themselves.”