Ring scores goal using his noggin, but club ultimately loses against Vancouver

One of the highlights of the game was Austin FC captain Alex Ring popping a deep header past the Vancouver goalkeeper on a well-taken corner kick in the 37′ minute.

You can imagine the chaos that ensued as Verde fans celebrate the rare home goal.

Credit newest team member, and corner kick specialist, Sebastian Driussi for masterfully placing the ball in range of Ring’s noggin.

Despite plenty of corner opportunities this season, getting a score from the stationary position — and we’re not talking about an Olimpico — has been a sore spot for the club.

Safe to say Driussi has usurped corner kick duties from Dominguez. 

In the second half, it was a different story. Vancouver stormed back — scoring goals in the 52′ and 74′ minutes.  

The Whitecaps capitalized on a corner kick of their own, getting a second chance leg on the ball after an initial Stuver save.

The Vancouver loss should set off alarm bells for Austin FC coaches, players, and fans. 

One thing coach Josh Wolff has said over and over, once they score the first goal there is a hunger to get more. Fans have seen it too. The Verde seem to have newfound energy once they have that initial goal in their pocket.

That did not happen in the last 45′ of this match where they looked tired and lost. Up next they play Portland and we’ll see how they respond.