Fan Poll: Man of the Match vs Columbus (6/27)

We want to hear from our Austin FC fans. Tell us who in your eyes was the best player in today’s second match in Q2 Stadium.

Can’t hold back your feelings about the match? Tell us all about it in the comments.


  1. I thought Kolmanic was great tonight.

    Obvious: they need a striker. Really, they need an offensive captain: somebody who can galvanize and lead the offense. Cecilio gets a lot of attention, but he doesn’t seem to be the leader, either.

    I think they need to take a hard look at Pochettino. He seems to have lost his confidence. I feel like Redes is also just dead weight right now. It may be no fault of his own for the knee injury, but sometime you have to move on when it’s not working out.

    Less obvious: for 2nd string outside backs, Kolmanic and Jimenez are doing a great job. The chemistry with the back line, GK, and defensive midfield is solid. Fagundez, Ring, the all the backs are doing really well.

    This team has only allowed 11 goals in 10 games, which is very respectable, all things considered.

    • Good points all around. Pochettino in really under performing for how much we’re paying him. The team desperately needs a real striker.

  2. Stuver is always a MotM candidate and deservedly so, but gotta give it to Ring this week. I think he was the difference between losing 2-0 to Minnesota and drawing 0-0 against the league champions. He was quite the force out there.

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