Fan Poll: Man of the Match vs Nashville SC (5/23)

We want to hear from our Austin FC fans. Tell us who in your eyes was the best player in today’s match against Nashville.

Can’t hold back your feelings about the match? Tell us all about it in the comments.


  1. I went w/Stroud, although Stuver was great again. Bummer that he got tripped up on that goal, seemed like it was one that he normally would’ve gotten to w/the proper footing. Stroud obv made a big difference when he was subbed on. Redes and Hoesen were nonexistent, Pereira looked rough but showed some flashes. I really thought Cecilio had that early shot buried, hoped to see him get another shot on goal but didn’t happen.

    • Love these takes! Stroud is special no doubt. Can’t wait to see if he’s paired up with a 3rd DP striker this summer.

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