MLS Expansion Teams: Austin season ticket prices compared to Charlotte

Like Austin FC, Charlotte FC is an expansion club selling inaugural season tickets.

As new clubs, both have drawn upon pent up demand and expansion club energy to aggressively price tickets right off the bat.

In this data visual, we only looked at supporters and general season ticket prices of the two clubs in order to get an apples-to-apples comparison. Austin’s full pricing scheme can be found in our Season Tickets 101 story and Charlotte lists it on their seat pricing map.

Breaking it down, supporters seats (first red dot) are nearly identical — Austin ($475) vs. Charlotte ($486). That’s where the similarities end.

Charlotte’s pricing quickly escalates, with general seats starting at $630/per seat plus a one-time seat license fee of $350, for a total cost of $980.

The cheapest general seat in Charlotte’s stadium ($980) is higher-priced than even the most expensive Austin FC general seat ($912).

Also, check out the difference in median ticket prices (yellow dot). Charlotte’s median price is more than two times the cost of Austin’s median ticket. (The median simply shows the middle ticket price by ordering all the price points from lowest to highest.)

Another interesting comparison is the number of pricing tiers. Charlotte has 11 different pricing levels for general seats, while Austin has seven, which makes some sense if you account for the difference in stadium size (see chart).

Note: Prices include one-time fees if applicable. The lowest price (first red dot) are supporters seats and the highest price (second red dot) are the most expensive general seats. Regarding stadium capacity, Charlotte FC will only use the lower bowl in Bank of America Stadium where NFL’s Carolina Panthers play.

Stay tuned as Charlotte’s general seats go on sale March 15. Will CFC sell out season tickets like Austin did?

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