Austin FC reveals the “Legends” secondary jersey

The first-ever Away kit for Austin FC is here.

The club teased the announcement with a video featuring individual fans posing with Verde in nighttime downtown scenes. It ends with the words “The Legends Jersey. Coming Soon” shrouded in green smoke.

In a tweet accompanying the video, it simply says “You make us who we are. You make our city legendary.”

The Austin FC away kit

The secondary jersey is a crispy white canvas for bright verde-accented sponsor logos (YETI and Netspend), shoulder stripes, and inner lining of the shirt bottom. On the back, the name and number are also verde for the first time.

If you know the history of adidas-made MLS second jerseys, the simplistic white design won’t surprise you. We’re just worried about the taco grease that inevitably drips on our jersey, but maybe that just adds more flavor to this Austin kit.

Let’s get into the more unique design elements of the “Legends” kit.

First, about the name. “Legends” refers to present and future Austin FC fans. The club used elements inspired by and, in the case of the jocktag, designed by fans.

A closer look at the black and green neck tape shows symbols meant to pay tribute to fans (and their passion for everything Austin), such as a record, bat, taco, capital building, and guitar.

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The club’s iconic oak tree crest rests above the heart and really snaps on the white kit (even more so than on the home jersey).

Finally, the jocktag on the lower left edge features the grackle mark of the Austin Anthem Supporters’ Group. A nod to the ultras of Austin FC, some of whom were involved in the design process early on. The tag is sure to be the most controversial element among some fans, because members of the original SG have since split over differences to form other groups like Los Verdes and La Murga ATX.

Authentic and replica jerseys are available to purchase over the next few days at the Verde Van. Its first stop is Easy Tiger and then it’ll make its way to other locations around town. You can also find the jersey online.

Austin FC fans could see a third jersey down the road. After doing away with third kits in 2017, MLS is allowing some clubs to unveil one in the 2021 season — according to a comment by Timbers owner Merritt Paulson, the threshold to get a third kit is a 100K jersey sales.

By now, your closet is probably looking very Verde, so add a little variety to your wardrobe and pick up the “Legends Jersey“.

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