Local soccer nonprofits to support in Austin

We’ve created a list of nonprofit soccer organizations in Austin.

It’s amazing the work these organizations do in our community — far more than we can attempt to cover in one post.

As we grow the legend of Austin FC, let’s not forget these grassroots organizations that support underserved youth and their families in Austin. Please take time to visit the websites linked below to learn how you can help.

Also, hear from the leaders of these groups for yourself on the Capital City Soccer Show with Landon and Jeremiah. Listen to the June 16, 2020 episode with Kaitlin Swarts, Executive Director of 4ATX Foundation, and the December 8, 2020 episode with Scott Adair (Austin Soccer Foundation) and Aaron Rochlen (Soccer Assist).

Descriptions of the following organizations were obtained from the nonprofit’s websites and press releases. 

4ATX Foundation

4ATX Foundation is the nonprofit arm of Austin FC. Committed to closing the opportunity gap and creating Austin’s next generation of leaders, 4ATX Foundation provides access to youth development opportunities on and off the soccer field for people of all ages across Austin and Central Texas.

From building soccer pitches in underserved neighborhoods to teaching social-emotional learning through soccer, 4ATX Foundation focuses its efforts on programs and partnerships that empower all youth to keep Austin inclusive, vibrant and confident for generations to come.

Austin Soccer Foundation

The Austin Soccer Foundation (ASF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supports underserved and economically disadvantaged residents in Austin and the surrounding five county area through the beautiful game. We focus on player and referee development, academic advancement, and field development while partnering with like-minded organizations that use soccer as the primary vehicle for giving back to our community.

Soccer Assist

Soccer Assist’s mission is to help underserved, deserving youth (age 7-11) participate in well-organized soccer leagues.  In doing so, our collective goal is to add to, diversify, and strengthen the players and families involved in the “Beautiful Game” in the Austin community. We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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