Austin FC 2020: 5 good things that happened in a bad year

This year sucked. No doubt about it.

Austin FC was one bright spot in an awful, cruel year.

In fact, so many good things happened for the club, it was hard for us to choose just five. Your top five may be different. That’s okay.

Before we get to the list, we want to thank you for being part of the Austin FC community this year. Together we all help Grow The Legend.

Can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for Austin FC.

1. Austin FC gets green light from MLS for 2021 season

While it didn’t make big headlines, this MLS announcement would’ve jeopardized everything good that happened this year for the club—player signings, season tickets, coach and staff hirings, sponsorships, and more.

COVID would have won before we even played our first match.

As it turned out, it ranks as the best Austin FC news we received all year.

If you don’t remember, in an astonishing statement by the league three of the four upcoming expansion teams’ inaugural season got delayed by exactly one year.

  • Austin FC–2021
  • Charlotte–2022
  • St. Louis–2023
  • Sacramento–2023

Austin FC was the only new club to keep its original timeline—set to play competition soccer in 2021. (Right now MLS plans to start as usual in March.)

For Verde fans, it would’ve been devastating to ride the pine a whole extra year after already waiting since the January 2019 expansion announcement of Austin FC.

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2. Rodney Redes signed as first ever player

Austin FC announced Rodney Redes, an unknown 20-year-old Paraguayan forward playing for Club Guiraní, as its FIRST-EVER player signing.

It all started on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when CEO Anthony Precourt teased a possible player transaction with a single tweet alluding to “roster construction”.

The team had a short transfer window in July and pulled the trigger on a signing that could get done quickly. While most applauded the pick up of the young South American, some expected the first signing to be a big-name, international veteran.

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3. Season tickets sell out for inaugural season

With more than 40K deposit holders on hand early on, it nearly guaranteed a sell-out of season tickets in the 20,500-seat stadium. Methodically, Austin FC sold out each allotment of club, premium, supporters, and finally, general seats—all done 7 months before the club ever takes the pitch.

In an August 31 “Thank You” email from CEO Anthony Precourt, he told season ticket holders that Austin FC will officially enter its inaugural season with approximately 15,500 season ticket members.

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4. Inaugural primary jersey is unveiled

The first-ever game jersey for Austin FC was released and it was a massive HIT.

Leading up to reveal day, the club rolled out promo videos, to give fans a vibe for the jersey. Our takeaway from those 15 seconds: tattoo sleeves, vinyl, and BBQ smoke. It turned out to all be part of a brilliant VERDE LISTOS launch campaign.

Austin FC’s first-ever primary jersey combines the Club’s colors—green and black—on wide vertical stripes, leaving no doubt when the Verde is on the pitch in 2021. YETI is displayed proudly as the official jersey sponsor.

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5. Yeti named official jersey partner

Blissfully unaware of what 2020 would turn into, the year started with a BANG when the official founding jersey partner of Austin FC was unveiled.

In February 2020—right before COVID-19 was a thing in the ATX—Austin FC crammed owners, fans, and press together at YETI’s flagship store to announce the founding partner.

The decade-old Austin-based company exudes an active, outdoorsy brand that perfectly represents the city, and set the tone for future club partnership deals. According to a story by Sports Business Journal, that multi-year jersey sponsorship deal is worth more than $4 million annually, which is near the top of MLS.

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