And Then There Were Eleven (Players), Trade Window, and Expansion Draft Review: December 17, 2020 Capital City Soccer Show


Show notes for the December 17, 2020 episode of the Capital City Soccer Show, your independent source for news, analysis and interviews about Austin FC, hosted by Landon Cotham and Jeremiah Bentley. On this episode, Chris Hague and Chris Welhausen join in to discuss all the player signings.

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Overall Thoughts

The show opened with an initial review of how the Austin FC roster sets up so far, as well as a reflection on how right (or wrong) we were on the previous podcast and Los Verdes blog post about potential expansion selections.

The First Five Players: Half Day Trade Window

On Sunday, December 13, the MLS half-day trade window was open. Austin FC acquired five players during that four hour period. The guys break down expectations for each player.

The Next Four Players: Expansion Draft Day

Austin FC acquired four more players through the expansion draft on December 15. The guys also discuss each player in the expansion draft and provide an overall review of how the club is set up to date. Kamal Miller, the fifth player selected, was immediately traded to Montreal for $225K in GAM and the 11th pick in the MLS SuperDraft.

MLS also announced the January 21 date for the SuperDraft along with some additional information. Because of the trade, Austin FC will have both the first and 11th selection in the draft.

On the Next Episode

Landon & Jeremiah will be back in a couple weeks with more player and club news. In the meantime, check out Austin’s projected salary budget and the offseason timeline at CapitalCitySoccer.Com.

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  1. You guys did the same thing I did when the Expansion player list came out. Copied it to a spreadsheet and added position and contract status to every player then sorted out any that weren’t under contract. Which left only I think 67 of the 160 originally on the list. haha. I was really hoping for George Acosta and Clement Diop but I’m happy with who we got. And now we got Alex Ring which is awesome.

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