Austin FC’s player salary budget for 2021

How much money can Austin FC spend on player transfers and acquisitions in 2021?

It’s a question Landon and Jeremiah researched and answered for a listener in an awesome Capital City Soccer Show segment about Austin FC’s salary budget.

Other Verde fans may have the same question so we put it in a graphic.

The financials we show here come from a recent story by Charlotte FC, where the expansion club lays out the player salary budget. Definitely read the article to get the Reader’s Digest version of 2021 MLS budget, allocation money, and financial rules.

Keep in mind, Austin FC has already spent a portion of their budget on two players, Cecilio Dominguez and Rodney Redes. Financials for these deals are undisclosed, but we know that since Cecigol is a Designated Player, the max hit to the salary budget is $651K.

Also, Austin FC should get a little extra allocation money (not included below) due to so many teams being unavailable in the Expansion Draft, according to a MLS press release.

Note: MLS salary budgets for 2021 have not been officially published and may change due to COVID circumstances in 2020.

Austin FC’s 2021 player salary budget

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