A tale of two MLS cities: comparing Austin and Houston season ticket prices

Now that we know 2021 season ticket pricing for Austin FC, we thought it’d be super interesting to see how these prices compare to other MLS clubs.

In the chart below, we’ve compared Austin FC to Houston Dynamo; the sole, comparable club that posted its 2021 pricing map.

Not surprising, there is a huge disparity in ticket prices between the two clubs. These sides are comparable in geography only.

Houston has struggled for years to get fans inside their stadium. In fact, Dynamo’s average home attendance in 2019 was about 15,000 (in a 22K-seat stadium). On the other spectrum, Austin FC, the city’s first major league team, draws upon pent up demand and new energy to achieve sold out season memberships at higher than average seat prices among MLS teams.

As far as supporters seat cost comparisons, Austin is much higher than Houston ($475 vs. $260). But the Verde is priced comparably to expansion clubs Inter Miami CF & Nashville SC ($425 in 2020).

Back in 2019, when we researched season seat pricing, Capital City pretty much nailed it for predicting Austin FC supporter ticket cost.

“For the Supporters section, don’t be surprised if seats push $500 based on current prices of these end seats at other new clubs Inter Miami and Nashville SC.”

Capital City Soccer 2019

About 75 percent of the club’s 20,500-seat stadium are devoted to season ticket memberships. The remaining 5,000 or so seats are reserved for match day sales.

Austin FC and Houston Dynamo 2021 season ticket prices
2021 MLS Season Ticket Prices

Chart notes: the lowest priced tickets (first red dot) are for supporters seats and the highest priced (second red dot) indicate premium seats. Club seats, the most expensive in the stadium, or not included in this comparison since these are very limited seats with extra amenities, and not usually published publicly by the club.

Want more season ticket price comparisons? Check out our previous story on season ticket prices for 5 MLS clubs that compare to Austin FCwhere we looked at 2020 ticket prices for the two Texas MLS teams, plus expansion clubs FC Cincinnati, Inter Miami CF, and Nashville SC.

Let us know if you have ideas for other MLS clubs to include in our 2021 comparison. Links to season ticket pricing charts are especially helpful.

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