Countdown clock to Austin FC’s Q2 Stadium opening day

Here’s your unofficial countdown to the day when Austin FC fans walk through the stadium gates for the first time.

The club has said that Q2 stadium should be finished by April 2021, if construction stays on track.

That’s the good news. Now brace yourself for the bad news.

In late January, at the Q2 stadium ribbon cutting, club president Andy Loughnane said that an actual home game won’t likely happen until June. (You heard me right!) This is because work is still needed on adjacent private land, traffic signals, as well as event staff training. Personally, we think they’re also waiting due to COVID restrictions in order to maximize attendance for opening day.

With that in mind, we set the countdown for the first weekend in June. We’ll update the clock once we have an exact date from the club.



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Austin FC Stadium Opening Day

MLS announced that Opening Weekend 2021 will be April 3-4. A couple months of grueling away games are in store for the Verde until Q2 Stadium opens in June 2021.

Want to keep up with stadium construction progress? Check out our post with everything you need to know about the stadium.

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