Austin FC player transfer rumors

In the run-up to the 2021 season, we’re tracking players linked to the VERDE.

Hold onto your butts! Austin FC has a ways to go to build a full roster in a short time. A MLS club’s active roster has up to 30 players, with an 18-player game-day squad.

Of course, some players will be signed via the 2020 MLS Expansion Draft—Austin will select up to 5 unprotected players on current MLS team rosters in December. 

Check out the latest Austin FC player transfer rumors:

Jhohan Romaña / Club Guaraní

Position: Center Back    Age: 22     Transfer Fee: $385K (est.)

Latest news: Apparently, Austin FC can’t get enough Guarani players. The club inked Redes, then midfielder Jorge Morel was rumored to sign, and now we’re hearing young CB Romaña is a target. He’s viewed as a strong presence on the backline with a high upside for future growth.

Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is low due to the timing of this rumor—right after the 2020 MLS Expansion Draft and half day trade window. It’s seems realistic to now go after international players to fill holes. Romaña is a young South American player with a relatively low transfer fee; the type of player MLS teams love to get, develop, and trade to big Euro clubs. 

Paul Aguilar / Club America

Position: Right Back    Age: 34     Transfer Fee: $1.2 mil. (est.)

Latest news: It’s official from Club América, Paul Aguilar is out after nine years with the club. Now reports from Mexico are saying he’s leaving Liga MX altogether to join MLS. Austin FC is tabbed as the landing spot for the veteran right-back, according to the rumors. Also, posted a story that the deal is done, then took it down….hmmmm.


Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is fluctuating wildly for Paul Aguilar. Maybe we’ve succumbed to the onslaught of reports all saying the same thing, but the timing of this deal could make sense. Austin FC’s defensive roster is a blank slate, so it feels right that the club would bolster it with a Liga MX veteran. The Verde has made no bones about wanting to land a Mexican footballer, especially with a resume that includes El Tri.

Miguel Layun / Monterrey

Position: Right-Left Back    Age: 32     Transfer Fee: $2.4 mil. (est.)

Latest news: No reports from expert soccer analysts on this rumor. All we know is that Miguel Layún is visiting Austin with the fam and posting selfies on Instagram. Oh yeah, Austin FC happens to be in the market for well-regarded Mexican professional footballers. Will he exchange one set of stripes for another and play in MLS?

Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is so-so for our Layún speculation. It would be a sure thing if we knew he was staying at Fairmont Austin—the official hotel of Austin FC. Also, the visit must be pretty important  since he says it’s the first trip for his family since the pandemic started. The head-scratcher is that he’s not laying low on social, which makes us think there’s no surprise announcement.

DeAndre Yedlin / Newcastle United

Position: Right Back     Age: 27     Transfer Fee: $7.1 mil. (est.)

Latest news: If you listen to social media chatter, Austin FC could be in the mix for experienced Premier League defender Yedlin. He apparently has the attention of a couple MLS clubs. FC Cincy is likely one of those teams, since they get first crack according to MLS Allocation Order rules. Next up would be other MLS clubs on the list willing to cough up money to have the right to sign him. Austin FC isn’t on the allocation list yet and probably has to hold tight until January to get a shot.

Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is high for the Yedlin speculation. Lots of moving parts here. Even if he wanted to come back to MLS, is there a club that could afford him? At his costly salary, clubs may look to fill a striker gap before upgrading their backline. Newcastle would also need to release him for free. He’s been linked lately to Turkish side Besiktas.

Cecilio Domínguez / Club Atlético Independiente

Position: Winger      Age: 25     Transfer Fee: $4.5 mil. (est.)

Latest news: Austin FC is apparently at the negotiating table with CA Independiente winger Cecilio Domínguez, according to Planeta Fútbol. Domínguez shares the same agent as Rodney Redes, Austin FC’s first player signing. Cecilio is also the second player linked to the Verde from the Argentinian club. Domínguez has 17 caps for Paraguay’s national team.

Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is very low for the Domínguez rumor. Seems legit as growing number of detailed reports come in about the offer. He had a very public falling out with Independiente over salary and doesn’t want to return to the club.

Jonathan Menéndez / Club Atlético Independiente

Position: Striker      Age: 26     Transfer Fee: $2.6 mil. (est.)

Latest news: Austin FC has made an initial offer for CA Independiente striker Jonathan Menéndez, according to sports writer Matias Martinez. Menéndez is currently on loan to another Argentine club, Club Atlético Tallares. Most of his career has been in Argentina, except for stints in Spain and Qatar.

Carlos Lampe / Club Always Ready

Position: Goalkeeper      Age: 33

Latest news: Fútbol Fichajes (Football Transfers) is reporting that Bolivian veteran goalkeeper Carlos Lampe is signing with Austin FC. Currently on the roster at Always Ready in La Paz, Lampe has played in Bolivia and Chile, as well as the Bolivian NT.

Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is so-so on the Lampe rumor. These reports with little detail died quickly, but we see how an experienced South American GK is right in Austin FC’s wheelhouse.

Vincent Janssen / CF Monterrey

Position: Striker       Age: 26

Latest news: Reported by various media outlets in early July. Release clause of $18-20 mil. may be a nonstarter for Austin FC. If true, it could be the biggest MLS blockbuster deal ever.

Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is high for the Janssen rumor. Reports came in hot, but quickly faded. The actual financials right out of the gate seem to make it nothing more than a pipe dream for Janssen fans in the U.S.

Jorge Morel / Club Guaraní

Position: Central Midfielder       Age: 22

Latest news: Shortly after Rodney Redes was signed by Austin FC in early July, a second player from Club Guaraní was linked to Austin FC, as reported by Versus Paraguay. According to Austin soccer journalist Chris Bils, Head Coach Josh Wolff has denied pursuing Jorge Morel.

Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is very, very high for the Morel rumor. While it seems in the realm of possibility—given that Austin FC scouted the club for Redes—Coach Wolff outright shot down this rumor.

Héctor Moreno / Al-Gharafa SC

Position: Center Back       Age: 32

Latest news: Moreno is clearly a fan of Austin FC, closely following the club’s social media—read here for the entire backstory. In June 2020, Glenn Davis’ Soccer Matters radio show interviewed Héctor, asking him directly about Austin FC. All signs indicate Moreno is interested, but no formal discussions have happened.

Bull-Pucky Meter:


BP meter is high for the Moreno rumor. Seeing as Moreno himself has stoked the flames of this rumor on social media, there doesn’t appear to be any serious reports about a deal. He’s even said there are no negotiations going on with Austin FC.

We’ll keep this page updated with the latest transfer rumors, so be sure to bookmark it and check back regularly.

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  1. Austin FC should go for Wilfried Bony, I believe he could be a sensation and they could get him transfer free.
    And his salary may not be that high as most strikers with premier league experience and other European clubs.


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