Season tickets 101: Austin FC General and Supporter seats

Bring on Austin FC general and supporter season tickets!

Now that Premium seats are sold out, general and supporter seats are right around the corner. In fact Supporter seats go on sale July 7 (timed perfectly with the MLS is Back tourney).

In anticipation of these seats going on sale in July, here’s what we know (and speculate!) about general and supporters seats.

How many seats will there be?

General and supporter seats make up some 75 percent of the stadium, according to Austin FC’s front office. To get mathy for a minute, that’s about 15,000 individual seats available for these sections (in a 20,500 seat stadium).

But, not all of these seats will open up for season memberships.

We know from reading the Austin stadium lease agreement that at least 2,000 tickets per game have to be free or sold below market rate. Then there will be a section reserved for visitor seats, plus the club will want to save some seats for match day tickets sales and marketing purposes.

That’s probably a good 10-12K seats left for general and supporter season tickets.

But with nearly 40,000 ticket deposits, there’s bound to be fans who get wait-listed for next year.

Where will these seats be located?

As we just mentioned, a big chunk of the stadium is set up for general and supporter seats.

Here’s where these sections will be located in the stadium:

  • North
    • North End
  • South
    • Supporter Section
    • South West Corner
  •  East
    • Lower East
    • East Terrace
  •  West
    • Lower West

View the color coded seat map below to see where these sections are.

AFC stadium seat map

On the West side, only the Lower West sections (circled red below) are general seats. These seats will go quickly since they are on the shadiest side of the stadium. 

west stadium general seats
Austin FC stadium – view of West side

On the East side, it’s almost entirely general seating, except for the East Club section at the lower midfield (dark green below). In this picture, you can also see the supporter seats at the South end. From the design plans we’ve seen, these will be safe-standing areas with handrails and fold down seats.  

east stadium general supporter seats
Austin FC stadium – view of East side & Supporter end

How much will these season tickets cost?

Austin FC’s front office has said that ALL season tickets for General/Supporters sections will be priced $48 or less per match. (FYI, there are 17 home matches in the 2020 MLS season.)

If our mathematics is correct, that’s over $800/year for General tickets for the regular season. Some seats could be cheaper, depending where they’re located.

We know Supporter memberships are priced at $475, according to Austin FC’s website. These will likely be the lowest-priced seats in the stadium.

Cap City did a whole write-up of season ticket prices of other clubs, including new squads Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC. You can see pricing for Supporter seats at these two clubs is $425 in 2020, which is pretty steep for the league.

2020 mls season ticket prices

So, download your SeatGeek app. Find your Fevo timestamp receipt. And cross your fingers that you get seats before they sell out.



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