4 most likely rivals for Austin FC

As a brand new team to MLS, Austin FC is looking for some rivals. Let’s stir up some drama with four of the most likely candidates to become Austin’s most hated adversary.

Want more rival content? Austin FC owners told Capital City who they think would make a good rival and we’ve dropped it into a video just for you.

Who do you think Austin FC’s primary rivals will be? Leave us a comment below!


  1. We shouldn’t be voting on rivalries. Rivals will emerge based on how often we play or there’s conflict during matches.

    • Phil Rawlins.For those of us who remember, and have been supporting local football in Austin since before 2018, Phil Rawlins makes Precourt look like a saint. In short he bought a USL franchise, brought it to Austin, saw it wasnt going to be easy, or cheap, to evolve it to MLS and then moved the whole shit show to Orlando. I for one will throw an egg at the man if i get a good shot at him.

      In short im a football culture fan first, a football fan second, and a professional sports fan last. It’s complicated.

      Go AFC

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