It’s official: Major League Soccer coming to Austin

After months of painful delays and deliberation, Austin City Council and Precourt Sports Ventures have approved an agreement to bring Major League Soccer to Austin, Texas.

Mayor Steve Adler was the driving force in getting this deal done as one of the few council members who used logic and reason as a determining factor in his vote.

In spite of every objection, unreasonable or otherwise, brought by opponents Leslie Pool, Alison Alter, Ellen Troxclair and Kathie Tovo, the rest of the council joined forces to close the deal and bring a tremendous community benefit to the capital city.

Breathe a sigh of relief, Austin soccer fans.

It looked so dark at times, but we made it through. The deal won’t solve all of the city’s problems, and as Adler said, it’s not supposed to. It’s a gift to the people of the city. It’s a chance to unite an otherwise segregated city under a shared passion. It’s a groundbreaking move toward Austin finally embracing sports – something such a large portion of the city has been craving for decades.

It feels good to have a win. Here’s to hoping the team brings a lot more of those in the coming years.