How to make Austin FC’s stadium first class

Now that Austin FC’s stadium construction is in full swing, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what we want to see inside the Verde venue.

I’m talking about the local food, frosty beverages, live music, and rowdy 6th Street atmosphere that will make it a one of a kind venue at McKalla Place. After teasing a few concept drawings of the stadium, it leaves a lot to the imagination before we experience the real thing in Spring 2021.

Here’s what will make the new Austin FC stadium a first class experience for fans.

Local Eats & Drinks

Amazing, to-die-for food is abundant in Austin. Much of it comes out of a window of a food truck. That means it’s supremely portable and perfect for fans at a soccer match.

Here’s my dream menu for ATX stadium:
• Easy Tiger’s pretzel and beer cheese
• Chi’Lantro’s OG kimchi fries
• Veracruz barbacoa tacos

• OneTaco’s gringa tacos (that’s right, multiple taco stands)
• Tino’s gyro with tzadziki sauce
• Frank’s notorious P.I.G.
• Micklethwait’s beef ribs
• Home Slice’s pepperoni pizza
• Amy’s Mexican vanilla ice cream with strawberries
• Tiny Pies

Wash it down with beer on tap from local North Austin breweries (within 2 miles of McKalla Place): Adelbert’s Brewery, Austin Beerworks, Celis Brewery, Circle Brewing, and Hopsquad Brewing, among others.

austinbeerworks brewery by stadium

Better yet, build a brewery and beer garden complete with the dog park by the supporters section. Considering at least 17 matches will be played outside of the stadium, keep the beer garden open for away games (and playoff matches).

Don’t make the same concession mistakes as the FC Frisco stadium—when I’m hangry there, “food” is not the f-word I use.

Live Music

As the self-proclaimed Live Music Capital of the World, music should permeate the stadium.

Build it into the structure—a state of the art sound system, multiple stages for local musicians, hanging instrument sculptures, music-inspired wall art, and whatever else that’ll make this place AUSTIN WEIRD.

austinfc bar beer stadium

The ATX club needs to center the fan experience around music. Begin with pregame a live concert outside the stadium on match day, then march to the stadium with a raucous band at game time. Fire up the crowd with live music at points during the game to accompany supporters celebrations and chants—we have some ideas on those.

Drop some coin on a kick-ass LED lighting system to change the colors of the stadium with the music. Theme luxury suites to honor Austin music greats, such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Janis Joplin, Willie Nelson, and W.C. Clark.

Climate Controlled Comfort

It’s hot! In the summer, tortilla chips are spontaneously combusting in Austin. Until MLS aligns with the European soccer schedule (August–May), we’ll be attending matches in the dead of summer.

Austin FC plans for 100% roof canopy coverage to shade ALL seating areas. The site will also have open corners to allow for breezes to blow through the venue.

Not sure that will be enough.

My thought: go one step further and add Big Ass Fans or a mist cooling system under those canopies and in the concourses. Dynamo’s BBVA Stadium had to retrofit their stadium with fans due to the heat. (Of course, the pitch needs to be a constant 110º in order to be pure HELL on visiting teams.)

bigassfans bbva stadium

You get one chance to build a professional soccer stadium in Austin. Don’t screw it up.

What to do you want to see inside the stadium? Add your comment.

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